Interview with Lew Hollander: World’s Oldest Iron Man Triathlete


Lew Hollander holds the world record for being the oldest person to complete an Iron Man Triathlon as well as the record for being the oldest person to complete the Iron Man Triathlon Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

Red Rush: You’ve run about 2,000 races, correct?

Lew Hollander: That’s an estimation, counting all the little races and the endurance riding.

RR: Which triathlon is your favorite?

LH: Roth, Germany. That’s a great race. It’s probably everyone’s favorite. It’s very well run. You ride through all these little Bavarian towns on your bicycle. Some have cobblestone streets. That’s not so great on a bike, but there are tables set up along the route and on all the tables are beers. People sit at those tables and drink beer. It’s a comfortable race, a lot more comfortable than dangerous.

There’s no crowd control. That’s the way it is there. I rode through one of these towns and somebody said “That’s Lew Hollander, seventy-year-old triathlete”–I was seventy then–and everyone cheered and they  pushed me and my bike up a hill which is sort of scary even though they were trying to help.

RR: Are there any that you don’t like to do?

LH: They are all a little dangerous, especially the swim. But any one that I finish is a good one.

Lew Hollander

RR: What’s the wildest thing that’s ever happened in a race. By wild, I mean interesting or weird.

LH: I don’t know about wild, but I have two ghost stories.

1) I’m riding my bike one year. They made a big point of making sure that the riders had handlebar inserts. Somebody in one of the races had been thrown over his handlebars and was killed. So they changed the rule that if you didn’t have a handlebar plug, you were disqualified.

I’m coming back. It’s ninety degrees out and miserable. I notice that I don’t have a plug in my handlebar. There will be some marshal or somebody waiting for me when I get to the bike exchange to make sure I’m wearing my helmet and that I have a plug, some bureaucrat. I thought about stuffing  wrappers into the hole or taping over it, so he wouldn’t notice.

I start getting closer to town, and I’m getting into panic mode. I thought about buying one at the bike shop. It’s just off the course. I could steal one or do whatever. My imagination is running away. It’s just a plug in the bike. I’m trying to weigh my options. I look down at the ground, and there was a plug.  It looked brand new. There are two sizes of plug and it just happens to be the right size for my bike.

There was nobody around. Never in my life had I ever seen a plug lying in the road. Nobody I know has. I’ve never lost one either. It was like a miracle. When I got in, I had a plug.

2)This other one is a little scarier. I was running one year, about seven miles, not too far into the race. I met a very sweet girl, about 23 or so, an aid worker. Aid workers are the race course volunteers who bring you water or aid.

She says, “I’ll run the rest of the way with you. It’s only eighteen miles.” She turned out to be very sweet. She ran all the way in. You’re not supposed to have outside assistance in the races, but she was an aid worker and part of the race, so it was all right.  We talked all the way around. She told me her story. She was from Calgary; her husband had died three weeks earlier. I was enthralled by this young lady. I wanted to connect her to my son. I thought they would hit it off. We ran to the finish line up to a little barrier. She turned off the to the right.

I said, “No, no. Finish.” I wanted a picture of her to show my son and get those two in communication. I grabbed her hand. “Come get your picture taken.” We ran through the arch and toward the big lights of the cameras. I introduced this woman to my wife. Got her address and name.

Later, I went to get the picture and looked at. I dropped the picture. There was nobody else in it. I’m a scientist. I got my microscope out and looked to see if she was behind me or something. I couldn’t find any trace. I did write her. Tried to find her. Nobody ever answered. Life is filled with mysteries. I like that a lot.

Lew Hollander

 RR: How important is nutrition for training and longevity? 

LH: You are what you eat. Nutrition in the broad sense, you survive.  I don’t eat anything I can’t identify the part to. No hot dogs or hamburgers. I guess, I eat candy bars. Who knows what are in those? But I like to see a bone or a wing or some feather. Nothing ground up. I try and eat healthy.

I like to say without chocolate, life is darkness and chaos.  I also left bacon off my list of things that I can’t eat, so I could eat it.

RR: Do you feel there is a psychological component to the aging process?  A sense of people saying I can’t do such and such because I’m x years old. 

LH: Oh, absolutely.  There is nothing unique about Lew Hollander. There are people who bike faster, think better, run faster, do everything better than me. I’m pretty persistent. I fall down just like everyone but I keep going. I think people find excuses for a more leisurely lifestyle. “I’m too tired. I’m too cold.”

If I know I have an entry in a race, I like to think backwards. I’m crossing a finish line. I have to do it in seventeen hours. What do I have to do to be at that spot? I need good running shoes. If they don’t fit well, I’d be in pain by mile seventeen. How about my eating? How about my weight? I can’t eat that it’ll cause me to gain weight. I won’t be able to finish.

You can preserve your quality of life. The older you get, the longer you have to push at it. I know a lot of people who are still alive at my age, but they are being wheeled around with an oxygen bottle, waiting for the coroner to come. One of the big differences is the quality of life. You had better start training at forty.

I was checking out of the Sheridan in Clearwater years back and a lady goes, “Hey, look at this guy. He’s eighty and he did the Iron Man.” A guy looks at me and says “What do you take?” I said, “Nothing. You want to spend a day with me and see what I do? This was a conscious decision.”  He didn’t want to come with me.

You get your first forty years free. You can overcome and repair a lot of damage then. You get to forty and then you have to pay. Life, your length of life, is like a bank account. You can put money in, or you can take it out. You can be in debt and die early and you’ll be miserable.

Eat right and exercise and have a full life. That’s money in the bank.

Lew Hollander

RR: Can you talk about your motto of “Go Anaerobic Every Day?” 

LH: I talked to a guy in a Triathlon club in Mississippi. He said “You go anaerobic everyday. We run that way because you told us. We run up hill that we named Hollander Hill.”

How do you know when you’re going anaerobic? When you can’t breathe. It’s not rocket science. You run as hard as you can. The next time run a little farther until you clear your anaerobic threshold.

I’m a physicist. What I think, I’m really out on a limb here. This is only an observation. I think when you’re in that state,  I think a whole lot of things happen to your endocrine system, your pituitary, your thyroid. All these things are linked together. You were designed to die at thirty-five like the cavemen. All those glands and hormones just start to give out. When you go anaerobic, your body goes “this guy is serious” and it keeps producing that stuff.  Most people won’t make that choice.

Red Rush Iron Man

RR: Congratulations on your win in Florida

LH: I opened a new age group at the next Hawaiian Iron Man. 85-90. I tell people that two things helped me. Idaho potatoes and Red Rush beet juice. I drink Red Rush all the time. I love it. I drank three during my race in Florida.

I  have always recognized the necessities of nitric oxide. Most people are not aware of the value of nitric oxide. It’s necessary to the ATP cycle. You can use it to lose weight.

I think you have a good product. Why not take it? Why not increase your nitric oxide? If you want a better life, take nitric oxide.

I also take Red Rush for ping pong. I think it elevates your reaction time and your ability.

RR: Do you you have races between now and Kona in 2015? 

I have like twenty races between then. I just did the Hot Chocolate Run in Seattle. I do something every weekend: a run, a bike race or a swim race.

I put my max effort into everything. That’s my philosophy: persistence. I heard a talk once at a high school graduation. “Everybody falls down.  Everybody, every day. The great ones get right back up.” Just suck it up and keep going.

Originally published on The Red Rush Blog.

New Study: Plant-Based Omega-3’s as Good as Fish-Based Ones


Fish-based omega-3 fatty acids have long overshadowed their plant-based counterparts, but a new study out of Penn State has found that alpha-linolenic acid–the omega fatty acid derived from flax and other plants–is just as effective at preventing heart disease as its fishy counterpart.

Omega-3’s cannot be produced by the body and must be consumed through foods or dietary supplementation. Over the years, the lack of research had, to a small degree, marginalized plant-based omega fatty acids. But now the studies have been written and the numbers have been crunched. It’s official. ALA decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

From Science Daily:

Our understanding of the cardiovascular disease benefits of ALA has advanced markedly during the past decade,” said Penny Kris-Etherton, Distinguished Professor of Nutrition. “Based on the current evidence, ALA decreases CVD risk.”

We here at The AIM Companies have always provided the finest plant-based omega-3 fatty acids in the form of AIMega, a true daily essential.

How Long Are Your Telomeres?



First things first: what are telomeres and why should they be long? Telomeres protect the ends of our chromosomes, keeping DNA from unravelling and affecting the speed at which our cells age. The shorter our telomeres, the shorter lives we live and the poorer our health.

The longer our telomeres, the longer we live in good health. With that out of the way, the fact is that telomeres are not that easy to measure. You’d have to undergo specialized diagnostic testing to determine their length. The good thing is that it is not necessary to have them measured because a scientific study has proven that you can increase the measurable length of your telomeres by making four lifestyle changes.

How To Lengthen Your Telomeres

1. Eat a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet.

2. Exercise moderately, such as walking 20-
30 minutes a day.

3. Do stress management techniques,including yoga, meditation, or prayer.

4. Get more social support, love and intimacy in your life. 

These sound incredibly similar to the Healthy Cell Concept™ that the AIM Companies™ has been promoting for decades. If you want to lengthen your telomeres (and your life), begin making these changes. This can be accomplished at any age according to Dr. Dean Ornish, the president and founder of the Preventative Medicine Research Institute (PMRI).

The Research Following a group of thirty-five men with early-stage prostate cancer, scientists conducted a five-year pilot study on the positive effects of these lifestyle changes at the PMRI and the UC San Francisco, a university exclusively focused on health.

In the control group of people that did not make these four changes, their telomeres got 3 percent shorter. Those who made these lifestyle changes increased the length of their telomeres by almost 10 percent. It’s as simple as that.

The study also showed that the greater the lifestyle changes, the better the results. Thirty-six years of studies have also revealed that making such changes can reverse conditions such as heart disease and prostate cancer. The proof is in the research.

It is fascinating that the use of high technology has shown that simple, low-tech methods of improving your health may be the most effective, proving that your body has the remarkable ability to heal itself.

Whether you choose to live your life this way for healing or prevention, science has proven the benefits of making these lifestyle changes. Start lengthening with AIM BarleyLife®!

5 AIM Products to Stay Warm with This Winter


Idaho, our home base, is currently being buried under a mountain of snow so high we’re going to ask Martin Benning to climb it. Unfortunately, this is probably just the first of many snows this year. Others living on the frigid North American continent can probably relate or will relate soon. So while the weather outside is frightful, there are several AIM Products to make you feel delightful.

1. CoCoa LeafGreens

Skip the sugar-added hot chocolate and reach for the CoCoa LeafGreens instead. The flavanols in cocoa are thought to aid in vasodilation and in the production of nitric oxide. Better blood flow means more warm blood in the extremities. Plus, it’s healthy and tastes  great.

2. RediBeets/Red Rush

When we talk about vasodilators, we can’t forget to talk about our beet products. Beets are a great source of dietary nitrate, and nitrate is converted by the body into nitric oxide. This miracle molecule opens up blood vessels and gets more blood to your muscles, brain and even to that little piggy that goes “wee wee wee” all the way home.

3. Mag-nificence Crystals

What better way to escape a winter wonderland than a a nice hot bath. And nothing is more relaxing than a bath in Mag-nificence crystals. Magnesium is an essential element for daily life, and it relaxes and eases muscles. So soak up the warmth.

4. Proancynol 2000

And while you’re avoiding the cold, why not make sure that you don’t catch cold with Proancynol 2000, a veritable cornucopia of antioxidants that helps maintain a sturdy and effective immune system.

5. CellSparc 360

And rounding out the cold-weather team is CellSparc360. This is another product that contains powerful antioxidants. Additionally, a recent study found that COQ10 helps with overall endothelial health crucial for the production of nitric oxide and proper blood flow.

Magnesium: Your Daily Mineral

Mag Pic

AIM Mag-nificence™ topical magnesium can enhance the benefits of any whole foods, beverages, or supplements that a person may ingest. The human body cannot work optimally without an adequate supply of magnesium. Getting enough of this mineral at the cellular level allows more benefits from nutrients for essential functions, such as digestion, assimilation, and elimination, because the cells can perform optimally.

Mag-nificence—crystals, lotion, or spray—is essential to enrich your nutritional and supplemental intake and contribute to anti-aging on a daily basis. The benefits of using Magnificence crystals in a foot bath can be enjoyed at any age.

Mag Test 1

My Mag  Testimony

Would You Pay A Dollar More For the Best Value Around?

Value Health

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