Mag-nificence Lives Up to Its Name

Magnesium Lotion SupplementAccording to the USDA, fifty-seven percent of Americans don’t get enough dietary magnesium. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency range from minor things like fatigue, muscle weakness and cramps to serious problems like personality change and heart failure. Poor diet and alcohol abuse are major contributors to magnesium deficiency. Green leafy vegetables and nuts are rich sources of magnesium, but it can also be absorbed directly through the skin during a bath or a massage with our Mag-nificence lotion. The best and most relaxing way to supplement with magnesium is through back rubs and long hot baths.That’s great news because stress can cause your magnesium levels to dip.

Magnesium can do more than just improve the quality of your massage. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “magnesium may enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatment for the following conditions:”

1. Asthma

2. Depression

3. Diabetes

4. Fibromyalgia

5. Noise-related hearing loss

6. Cardiovascular Health

7. Migraine

8. High Blood Pressure

9. Osteoporosis.

10. Preclampsia and Eclampsia

11. PMS

12. Restless Leg Syndrome

Check out the University of Maryland website for further information about these studies. And check out AIM’s Mag-nificence for a soothing way to get your magnesium on.

Pea Protein May Lower Blood Pressure

ProPeas is probably my favorite AIM product. I love the stuff. I drink it everyday with a spoonful of fit n’ fiber and a half-scoop of CoCoa LeafGreens, but really, I like the way it tastes on its own just fine. If I spill some ProPeas on the kitchen counter, I’ll brush into my hand and eat it. I’m just that serious about ProPeas. As the Red Rush blogger, this is probably not something I should admit to publicly, but there I said it and I can’t unsay it.

Besides for having the ability to build lean muscle mass, it’s easily digestible, contains quite a few amino acids and helps you stay fuller longer. It’s just great stuff, and it’s made from simple peas, a vegetable that I have always been otherwise neutral towards.

Anyway, there is some good news about pea protein. Researchers from the University of Manitoba found that people who consumed pea protein for three weeks experienced a 6 mmHg drop in systolic blood pressure. They believe this drop is caused by a protein that boosts kidney function but are unsure. Drinking beet juice causes a 10 mmHg drop and since the pea protein decrease in bp may be independent of nitric oxide, Red Rush and ProPeas may work synergystically in the blood-pressure department. However, you’d better ask a scientist about that because I’m just speculating.

Eating regular peas straight from the pod does not seem to lower blood pressure the way that the removed protein does. Therefore, you have to take a supplement like ProPeas if you want to lower your blood pressure in this manner. The researchers also believe that pea protein may be useful in the prevention or treatment of kidney disease.

Pea Protein Contains Arginine

Pea protein also contains high amounts of arginine which is an amino acid that can help the production of nitric oxide in the body. There are two main ways to produce nitric oxide through diet: 1) amino acids like arginine and citruline which take an extremely complicated route and through the vegetable-nitrates double pathway that we’ve discussed over at the Red Rush Blog. It is possible for vegetarians who may eat beets and arugula regularly to still suffer from nitric oxide deficiency because they aren’t getting enough of these key amino acids in their diets. Well, pea protein can be the answer to that problem, too.

AIM Products Are Great for Athletes

Lately, we’ve taken Red Rush on the road and have been marketing it around the Greater Boise Area, trying to get athletes to sign up as members and share Red Rush with their friends. We’ve worked with local AIM Members like Celeste and Phil Davis and Melissa Dobney in order to promote both our Members and our products.

With all our athlete-centric marketing, there are few people out there who erroneously believe Red Rush is only good for elite athletes. While it certainly has applications for the well-trained cyclists and Olympic speed skaters among us, it can also be used by people suffering from low blood pressure or waning sex drives. However, Red Rush isn’t the only product that we make that has applications for athletes. (It’s the first one we’ve been marketing towards athletes with such gusto, though).

So if you’re thinking of getting a booth at your local marathon or bike race, other AIM products have athletic applications, too. Check it out!

1. Peak Endurance

Peak Endurance is similar to Red Rush, in that, it can function just fine as a sports drink but, it still has applications for everyone.  ATP levels dip as one ages, and replenishing them can keep an elderly person active longer. A dip in motility can lead to a decrease in muscle mass and/or obesity which eventually leads to heart disease or death.

For the athlete it can:

  • provide all 6 electrolytes
  • and metabolism-boosting B-vitamins
  • aid in recovery
  • Adenosine Triphosphate for cellular energy
  • vasodilator
  • increase overall energy
2. ProPeas
Vegan bodybuilders and other vegan athletes cannot supplement with whey or meat proteins. Plus, a lot of folks are wary of soy due to health concerns.  Pea protein is a safe, effective protein that provides all the benefits of protein with none of the meat or the worry.
3. Flora Food

A recent study out of New Zealand found that rugby players who supplement with probiotics are less likely to get sick, and if they do get sick then it is for a shorter amount of time. They won’t miss as much practice and it will keep them honed knife-sharp for the next big game.

4. Mag-Nificence

An article published in a recent issue of Living Well magazine has this to say about magnesium:

Magnesium speeds recovery and increases strength, performance, and endurance. It helps an athlete against heat exhaustion, fatigue, blood sugar control, and metabolism.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Read this runner’s review of topical magnesium and how it works and the evidence supporting it.

5. Garden Trio/Proper Nutrition

Richard Porter took a three-hundred-mile bike ride powered by the Garden Trio. He said that:

“When I took the Garden Trio at night following each leg of the ride, I didn’t have the fatigue and the soreness and the lethargy that I normally had on the subsequent day of a hard ride.”

Proper nutrition is important for athletes why? According to Case Western University, this is why:

  • Give you vitality and energy for life
  • Help you stay at a weight that’s right for you
  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve sports performance
  • Delay the effects of aging
  • Keep you active and fit into old age
  • Help beat tiredness and fatigue
  • Protect teeth and keep gums healthy
  • Enhance your ability to concentrate and possible alter mood
  • Ward off serious illnesses like heart disease, certain cancers, mature-age onset diabetes, and gallbladder disease”
Everybody need nutrition that works. So if you the next time you set up a booth at a sporting event or athletic expo to share the wonders of nitric oxide and Red Rush, don’t be afraid to bring some of our other great AIM products with you!


The Daily Essentials Keeps You Smelling Sweet

Odor Control Products

Sometimes people smell. It’s a fact of life. You may think there isn’t anything that you can do about, but you’d be wrong. There’s a lot you can do about. Why not try, the AIM Companies™ Daily Essentials pack. Why? Each of the Daily Essential products BarleyLife™, AIMega™, and Herbal Fiberblend™ can help to eliminate body odors naturally.

Excessive body odor is often a sign that a person needs a detoxifying cleanse. Red meat, sugars and processed flour can clog up the digestive tract and putrefy, leading to some pretty nasty smells. Also, if the liver is overloaded with toxins, the body may expel some of those toxins through the pores. This can lead to unwanted ripeness under the armpits or anywhere else you may sweat. Herbal Fiberblend is a great way to detox and to clean out the old digestive tract.  With 20% of your daily fiber needs and made with some of the hardiest fiber sources on Earth, Herbal Fiberblend will prompt your body to eliminate, scouring your digestive tract and removing build up and odor-creating toxins on its winding trip through the bowels.

During a detox cleanse, you might smell worse before you smell better while your body expels the fetid nastiness from its nether regions. Never fear, BarleyLife is here. Chlorophyll has been used for centuries as a powerful deodorizer. It has also been used to treat bad breath and to hide the smell of colostomy bags. And BarleyLife is chock full of chlorophyll, not to mention other powerful detoxifying agents that can speed up and compliment Herbal Fiberblend’s raw fiber power.

Finally, there is AIMega.  Flaxseed oil is widely regarded as a good detoxifying agent. Furthermore, omega fatty acid supplements made from fish oil can cause the consumer of those supplements to develop a fishy odor. This is not the case with AIMega’s plant-based fatty-acid formulation.  AIMega can get you the nutrition you need while keeping you from smelling like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Your Daily Essentials are the smart way to get the nutrition and fiber you need while keeping yourself smelling sweet.

Vitamin A: What It Can Do For You

Vitamin A Carrots

Vitamin A kicks off the alphabet of vitaminery with a bang. If you’re a carrot (203% of vitamin A per serving) fan, you know that vitamin A is the good-vision vitamin. That’s because it helps protect the cornea and has been linked to preventing, impairing or reducing several eye-related health concerns: dry eye, superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa and Stargardt’s disease, cataracts and recovery after laser eye surgery. Furthermore, vitamin A helps you see better in low light and a deficiency of vitamin A can impair your peripheral vision. It also helps the development of the eyes in fetuses.

Vitamin A for the Immune System

Vitamin A helps boost your immune system by bolstering your entry points, specifically your respiratory tract and mucous membranes.

From Harvard School of Public Health

Vitamin A. Experts have long known that vitamin A plays a role in infection and maintaining mucosal surfaces by influencing certain subcategories of T cells and B cells and cytokines. Vitamin A deficiency is associated with impaired immunity and increased risk of infectious disease. On the other hand, according to one study, supplementation in the absence of a deficiency didn’t enhance or suppress T cell immunity in a group of healthy seniors.

Vitamin A for Healthy Skin

Vitamin A has been linked to healthy skin. It’s currently under investigation for its ability to reduce wrinkles caused by the aging process. It’s also been used to treat acne, repair sun and other damage, maintain healthy skin and relieve psoriasis a bit.

Vitamin A for Teeth and Gums

Vitamin A has bone-boosting properties which can strengthen the old chompers and because of its relationship with the mucous membranes, vitamin A is good for the gums, too. So the next time you see your dentist and you’ve got a healthy smile, it could be because you’re getting enough vitamin A in your diet.

Vitamin A For Breast Cancer and Stabilization

Vitamin A has been linked to lower rates of breast cancer and has been found to be helpful reducing complications in the following illnesses: malaria, HIV and measles

Vitamin A for Reproduction

Vitamin A is vital for the continuation of the species as it helps the male and female reproductive systems as well as embryonic development, especially the development of a healthy nervous system.

Vitamin A From Vegetable Sources is Safer Than Supplements or Meats

Vitamin A from plant food is completely safe. Fun fact, if you eat a polar bear liver, you will die. It’s because there is so much vitamin A in the liver of a polar bear that it will literally kill you. So if you’re eating polar bear on the tundra one day, skip the liver if you want to continue your harsh, tundrabound existence. Plants contain beta carotene. The body converts what it needs from that and throws the rest out. That’s why people aren’t dying from carrot overdoses.

More on Nutrition:

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How to Beet High Blood Pressure

Red Rush … Supercharge Yourself

Beet Juice Drink

The beet secret is out. You want to feel revitalized, energized, and at the top of your game.

You need a rush of nitric oxide.

This miracle molecule impacts countless areas of your health and vitality. With nitric oxide, your body can more easily maintain healthy blood pressure, circulation, cardiovascular health, brain health, and energy.

Nitric oxide excites your cells to action. Good health requires this movement and activity inside our body systems so that nutrients and oxygen can arrive where they are needed. Nothing impacts this delivery system like nitric oxide.

This secret weapon for maintaining good health is just waiting for you to use it!

The fastest, cleanest way to activating nitric oxide is through nitrate-rich vegetables and whole foods. Beet juice is one of the richest sources of dietary nitrates, and AIM has made it as easy as possible to receive the benefits of beet.

Now you can get your nitrate surge in one simple shot.

Experience the boost of beets in AIM Red Rush™

Performance, stamina, and recovery can be transformed with a therapeutic amount of dietary nitrate, leading to a direct boost of nitric oxide.  How much dietary nitrate is enough? The recommendation is for 300 milligrams to 500 milligrams of nitrate from beets daily. Red Rush provides the full 500 milligrams of high-quality beet juice in a single serving for maximum benefit.

Made with quality and integrity, Red Rush contains no added color, flavors, or preservatives and is certified vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. In addition, Red Rush is sport-approved and free of any prohibited substances, which is critical to athletes like Olympic medal winner J.R. Celski who relies on beets for his performance.

Along with an optimal amount of beet juice, each shot of Red Rush is complimented with sweet, dark cherry juice and alkalizing lemon juice. Together, these ingredients make for a great-tasting beverage—and one that will have you buzzing with renewed focus and performance.

The connection between nitrates and nitric oxide

Nitric oxide is produced from nitrates. The conversion process takes a circuitous route in the body along the nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway, which begins when nitrate is converted to nitrite by bacteria in the mouth and ends with nitrite converting to nitric oxide via several possible enzymatic and nonenzymatic routes.

The starting point for this pathway—saliva in the mouth—is significant to note. Nitric oxide products that come in pill, capsule, or tablet formtake a less efficient pathway for conversion since they bypass the saliva in the mouth. Beet juice products like Red Rush have a direct connection to the saliva. This leads to faster, fuller assimilation and conversion so that you can feel the immediate benefits.

Turning forty turns down your natural nitric oxide production

You might not have realized it, but your fortieth birthday was the start of a nitric oxide downturn. Age is the number one reason for poor nitric oxide levels, and studies have confirmed that this dip begins when you hit forty.

As you age, you accumulate proteins in your artery walls, making them stiffer and hampering the flow of nutrient-rich blood. You have fewer functioning capillaries and a drop in proper dilation of your arteries. On top of it all, the one molecule that can help assuage these problems—nitric oxide—is in decline.

It’s a recipe for disaster, if you don’t take action.

What nitric oxide can do for you

The key to nitric oxide’s invaluable effect on health is the circulatory system. Nitric oxide provides circulatory and oxygen benefits for the body by relaxing smooth muscles and supporting blood flow to the tissues. This simple procedure carries great impact as the circulation and oxygenation of the blood permeates throughout your body.

Nitric oxide has a safe effect, too. It increases circulation naturally and safely through vasodilation, not increased heart rate.

Oxygen is essential to sustained performance. As we exert ourselves, we run out of oxygen, which leads to build up of lactic acid in the muscle tissue, which leads to fatigue. Have you experienced the burn of a hard workout? This is the result of a lack of oxygen. Fatigue and burn can be stemmed by supplying more oxygen to the tissues. In this way, you experience a reduction in lactic acid buildup and, therefore, fatigue.

More energy and complete recovery are also results of nitric oxide.

You require energy to maintain body temperature during hard, hot workouts. As body temperature rises, your energy gets diverted to cooling down the tissues, and this cooling process can be expedited with the improved blood flow from nitric oxide.

Likewise, blood flow is a key component to a speedy recovery as the body requires essential nutrients and circulation is the main factor in their delivery to the tissues. Greater circulation leads to a more efficient recovery.

Bring on the beets!

As a rich source of dietary nitrates, beets have a direct impact on nitric oxide levels in the body and have a wealth of supporting evidence on their side. A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that cyclists who drank beet juice before 2.5-mile and 10-mile time trials were almost 3 percent faster and produced more power than whey they rode without drinking beet juice. Similarly, a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that a week of drinking beet juice allowed volunteers to walk or run significantly longer on a treadmill than those who drank a placebo juice.

This performance effect can be traced to the nitrates in beets and their impact on blood flow and muscle power. Increased blood flow allows nutrients and oxygen to reach essential areas during times of exertion and activity. This influx of vital elements allows the body to perform at higher levels for longer times as muscle efficiency improves and oxygenation stays high.

Beyond performance, the benefits of drinking beet juice are vast. A study by Queen Mary University discovered an effect on blood pressure; volunteers who drank one cup of beet juice experienced lower blood pressure within twenty-four hours. This may be due to beets’ high level of potassium—one of several nutrients found in this whole-food, including iron, magnesium, folate, and vitamins B and C. Additional benefits include a wealth of antioxidants and a unique ability to improve the body’s assimilation of foods thanks to the connection between nitrates and carbohydrates.

Claim your improved health and performance today!

Red Rush is the ultimate beet shot for elevating your nitric oxide levels. Be among the first to try this exceptional new product. Order yours today!

Mary Westerfield’s Healthy Testimony

Mary Westerfield Testimony

Two-time cancer survivor Mary Westerfield, an AIM Director from Cincinnati, Ohio, embraced whole-food nutrition, juicing, and healthy eating in her battle with cancer. And the plan worked! Mary has been cancer-free since 1986.

“’Let food be your medicine’—that’s how I have been living for the past twenty years,” Mary said.

Mary was first diagnosed with cancer in 1980 when doctors found a malignant tumor in her neck, which was found to be Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She did a course of radiation that left her in extreme pain and unable to tolerate swallowing whole food. The cancer remained at bay until 1986 when an annual checkup revealed a lump on the opposite side of her neck. Doctors prescribed chemotherapy, which Mary endured for seven months. Radiation and chemo were incredibly hard on her body, so she sought a way to build her body back up.

Friends led her to nutrition as a means of heightening her immune system. Mary began drinking carrot juice and discovered the benefits of whole foods, fruits, vegetables. In 1995, she became an AIM Member. She continues to use AIM BarleyLife® each day and AIM Herbal Fiberblend® to maintain a healthy colon.

Since changing to a healthy-eating lifestyle, Mary has had no recurrence of cancer. Her health problems are a thing of the past.

“It is almost impossible to list all the benefits I have experienced from my new lifestyle,” Mary said. “I never get colds or the flu and no aches or pains. Many people can’t believe I ever had cancer. They think I am in my late thirties or early forties, and I will be sixty next year. I’m now coaching others to use AIM products for their health and nutrition.

“I have been using AIM products since 1986, and I know this natural lifestyle is what’s keeping me healthy and happy.”

Magnesium is Mag-nificent For Athletes


Whether you are interested in competing at a high level of athletics, exercising regularly, or wanting to perform well physically, without an adequate supply of magnesium you will fall short of being the best you can be.

Magnesium is the single most important mineral to sports nutrition.

The more strenuously you exercise, the greater the stresses. You can lose 10 to 20 percent of magnesium stores through sweat and urination. A magnesium shortfall like this can cause a partial uncoupling of the respiratory chain, increasing the amount of oxygen required to maintain ATP production. Muscle endurance and total work capacity decline with deficiency of magnesium.

Athletes want endurance, strength, power, energy, a strong immune system, and quick recovery from workouts and injury.

Athletes need magnesium.

Magnesium is involved in numerous processes that affect muscle function, electrolyte balance, and oxygen uptake. Magnesium is critical for heart health as it relaxes the heart for steady rhythms and assists in the proper firing of nerve impulses. Magnesium aids in building strong bones and skeletal structure. It also provides ATP, the main physical source of energy in cells, and ATP must be bound by a magnesium ion in order to be biologically active.

Magnesium speeds recovery and increases strength, performance, and endurance. It helps an athlete against heat exhaustion, fatigue, blood sugar control, and metabolism.

How does an athlete get the magnesium he or she needs?

AIM Mag-nificence™ magnesiums are applied topically for achieving optimum benefit. Mag-nificence spray and lotion can be massaged into the skin, and Mag-nificence bath crystals allow for soaking in a relaxing replenishing bath or foot bath. A magnesium chloride bath helps draw inflammation out of the muscles and joints as well as other systems of the body therefore reducing pain and increasing function—ideal benefits for athletes.

Whether you are active athletically or not, most everyone depletes magnesium every day from physical, mental, emotional, chemical, and environmental stresses. For all the benefits topical magnesium has proven to provide, it is in our best interest to apply it daily in convenient ways that will allow us to improve our performance for life.

Testimony shared by Julie Stidham, AIM Preferred Member from Cortaro, Arizona

“I have tried many things to keep from waking at night but nothing has helped. One afternoon an expert on Dr. Oz suggested magnesium to help you sleep through the night. I tried Mag-nificence, and it works like magic! It worked the first night and every night since. Now my son-in-law has tried it, my husband has tried it, and my friends have tried it. Mag-nificence has made a difference for every one of them.”