The Immune System Marches on Its Stomach

There’s There is an expression in the healthcare industry: “The immune system marches on its stomach.” Why do they say this? Well, it’s because the sciences of nutrition and immunology are interwoven. You can’t have a functioning immune system when your nutrition needs aren’t being met. In fact, the biggest cause of immunodeficiency in the world is malnutrition. That’s why taking your Daily Essentials of BarleyLife®, Herbal Fiberblend®, and AIMega® is so important for proper immune-system nourishment. These three products bolster the immune system separately, but together, they’re a juggernaut of whole-body health.

A study out of the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, England recently found that green vegetables like green barley leaves are the chemical source of signals that our body needs to communicate in order to destroy foreign and infectious materials. The chemicals are
called intra-epithelial lymphocytes (IELs), and when the researchers deprived mice of green vegetables the mice had 70%-80% fewer IELs than the mice that were given green vegetable matter.

Furthermore, vitamin A and iron play huge roles in promoting
a healthy immune system. Deficiencies of vitamin A and iron are some of the most common in the world. An iron deficiency can cripple immune-system response. Vitamin A embeds itself in the mucous membranes and the respiratory tract is on the front line
of the immune system. Both are needed for proper health, and luckily, vitamin A and iron are best taken in conjunction. You will find these nutrients in BarleyLife.

The immune-system benefits don’t stop there. Another study out of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that soluble fiber fundamentally changes the way that immune cells behave. Soluble fiber increases the production of an anti-inflammatory
protein called interleukin-4. Prior to the introduction of soluble fiber, immune cells are aggressive and pro-inflammatory, but when the body has enough soluble fiber, they switch to antiinflammatory and become better at helping the body fight off infection.

Let’s not forget about the importance of omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids found in AIMega. The immune system relies on a balance of fatty acids in order to fight off disease. The typical American diet is imbalanced, and most people get too much of omega-6 but not enough of omega-3. As usual, nature has already solved this problem in the form of flax seed oil, which is one of three organic seed-oil ingredients in AIMega, providing a balance of omega-3 and -6.

According to the School of Modern Herbal Medicine, people who have omega-3 deficiencies suffer from reduced immune activity. Experimental studies at Linus Pauling Institute have shown that fatty acids can modulate immune response. AIMega’s fatty acids provide you with the correct blend of plant-sourced fats to keep your immune system running smoothly.

Drinking BarleyLife every day is a great way to flood your body with phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Taking cleansing and detoxifying Herbal Fiberblend on a daily basis ensures a supplemental source of necessary soluble and insoluble fiber. The addition of AIMega provides a balanced 2:1 ratio of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids that must come from your dietary intake each day as your body cannot produce these essential nutrients. All three Daily Essentials work together,combating inflammation in support of your immune system.

Red Rush Can Benefit Athletes of All Ages

As you age, your body begins to make less and less nitric oxide, so supplementing with beet juice keeps your nitric oxide levels where they’re supposed to be. Athletes of any age, whether a teenager, a physical education teacher in his prime, or an eighty-four-year-old Ironman, canbenefit from the performance boost the nitric oxide provides.

Josh Thompson was born and raised in Boise, Idaho, where he currently works as a physical education teacher. He grew up playing the regular array of sports like football, basketball, and baseball, but he always hated running. That was until two years ago.

In 2012, Josh started running as a way to lose weight and to keep in shape, but then
his competitive side kicked in, and he began entering half marathons, 13.1-mile races that
are half the distance of traditional marathons. Now he runs all the time. In the average week, Josh runs a total of twenty to twenty-five miles, and during a weekend while he’s training for a half-marathon, he can run anywhere between thirteen to fifteen miles.

For the past two years, Josh Thompson has runThe Race to Robie Creek, a half marathon that’s billed as the toughest race in the Northwest. As a Boise native, the race was something that he had heard about his whole life, and Josh decided that if he was serious about running, “It was time to go big or go home.”

The first seven miles of the race is a grueling uphill climb and the final six are downhill. Don’t be mistaken, although the uphill climb is exhausting, going downhill is much harder due to the jolts the body sustains while gravity pulls the runner down the hillside
at breakneck speeds. Also, the race takes place in April and means that runners have to stay motivated throughout the winter to keep in shape for it. Although The Race to Robie Creek is taxing, it’s also fun. The course is a beautiful scenic route through the hills when
the snow is just starting to melt.

Josh has participated in the race twice so far. The first time through, his goal was just to keep a steady pace. The second time his plan was to stay running for the entirety, and he did that with Red Rush. Josh never weakened. In the past, when he had run half-marathons, he could feel his body falter with fatigue, but with Red Rush, the weariness never came. He crossed that finish line feeling strong. “It’s made me quite a bit faster,” he said.

What You Need to Know About Omega-3s and ALS

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease has gotten quite a bit of press lately due to the viral “Ice Bucket Challenge” that has been sweeping across Facebook.  Participants are challenged by their friends to either dump cold water on their heads or to donate a Benjamin to research. It’s a cool (pun totally intended) way of raising money and awareness for this horrible and debilitating illness.

What you may not have heard is that back in July the Harvard School of Public Health published a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association that found Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of ALS.  The people who consumed the most Omega-3 fatty acids were a third less likely to develop it.  ALS mostly affects men in their 50′s and 60′s and scientists have found some genetic markers that can indicate susceptibility to ALS.

Although the Harvard researchers say that more evidence is needed before making clinical recommendations to treat possible ALS candidates with Omega-3s, they also noted that this was a solid, long-term study, possibly the best.

From Medscape: 

The researchers point out that their study has several strengths, including the large number of participants and documented cases, validated dietary assessment methods, extended follow-up, and prospective design of the 5 contributing datasets. They point out that this contrasts to most previous case-control studies, which have used prevalent cases of ALS and may have been vulnerable to recall bias.

Additionally, it didn’t matter if the Omega-3′s came in the form of fish or vegetable oils. Both sources of Omega-3 were employed in the study.

By the way, our very own AIMega is a wonderful source of Omega-3′s. And even if the study hasn’t quite become science fact, Omega-3s help with high cholesterol and fight inflammation. (Their ability to fight inflammation was why they were used in the study!) In conclusion, Omega-3s can do nothing but help.

Red Rush Powers Iron Man

Lew Hollander once said in an interview with Bleacher Report that “a lot of my contemporaries, a lot of people my age, are either barely getting around or dead.” But Lew doesn’t have any trouble getting around, and he’s certainly not dead. In fact, Lew Hollander, at the age of eighty-four, completed the Ironman 70.3 Boise on June 7,
2014, a half-Ironman competition held every year in Boise, Idaho. This half-Ironman triathlon is composed of a 1.2-mile swim, a fifty-six mile bike race and a 13.1-mile run.Those numbers are doubled for regular Ironman triathlons, which Lew has been competing in since the tender young age of fifty-five.

Lew is the oldest athlete ever to finish the Hawaii Ironman or any other full-length triathlon, and he is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. This year he is again entered in the Hawaii Ironman, when he finishes, at age eighty-four, he will break his own record.

When people ask Lew if there’s a pill or a drug that he’s taking that extends his life and allows him to finish grueling triathlon after grueling triathlon, he says that there isn’t. He cites intense exercise as the key to his long life. He trains day after day, pushing himself until he can’t breathe. “Use it or lose it,” he said in an interview on KBOI News. “It depends on what you did when you’re forty, how you’re going to be when you’re eighty.”

He specifically credits anaerobic exercise for his longevity and strength. “You can get your whole system to work. You can get the blood to go to your brain and all those kind of things. Little tiny blood vessels need to get pumped.” Do you know what else pumps up those blood vessels? Beet juice.

That’s probably why Lew Hollander drinks Red Rush. We introduced him to the product
in Bend, Oregon, at the Pole Pedal Paddle event, and he loved everything about it. He even wore a Red Rush shirt when they interviewed him on local news. Lew is a physicist
and an athlete, a man of science and body who knows and understands how vegetable nitrates are converted via natural functions into performance-enhancing nitric oxide. He
likely also understands that beet juice helps those blood vessels get “pumped” or widened, allowing more oxygen to travel to the muscles, reducing lactic acid buildup and fatigue while improving stamina and ability. By drinking Red Rush, he can  potentially break through performance plateaus and increase the quality of his daily
anaerobic exercises and by his own logic, possibly his lifespan.

Good luck to Lew in Hawaii this October. Lew has finished 23 Hawaii Ironman races
so far. Lew said, “I figure if I didn’t have an entry into a race, I wouldn’t get out of bed in
the morning.” This time when Lew heads to Hawaii, he’ll be packing Red Rush nitric oxide performance shot.

BarleyLife to the Rescue

I wanted to share my BarleyLife® story. The picture is not pretty, but I am so impressed, I had to share.

Around March 2012, I started to develop a rashlike area on my right palm. It began with white bumps, and the area would dry out so badly that my palm would split into a cut. It would last for about a month and clear up for a week or two and then start all over again. I knew doctors would call it eczema, give me a steroid cream and send me on my way, so I took the naturopathic route. The naturopath, after testing, said that my skin problem was due to my liver being overloaded and not functioning at optimum levels. He explained that the body’s first line of defense and toxin elimination was the skin. My skin was just trying to get rid of the excess toxins. He also explained that steroid creams created a layer on the skin through which the body could not expel toxins, and these attempts at expulsion would manifest into a more serious condition.

Unfortunately, every time I went to the naturopath, my skin problem would be somewhat dormant and he never saw the full extent of the illness. For seven months, I tried taking his prescribed remedies to no avail. During that time, I did go to a medical facility and, as I suspected, they gave me a steroid cream, which I didn’t use. Almost a year and a half passed, and I was still attempting to get my skin problem under control, so I decided to give BarleyLife an honest try.

I had taken BarleyLife before off and on over the years, more so when I felt I was getting a cold or the flu. I started taking three teaspoons two to three times a day. After a month, my hand completely cleared up. I continued with my BarleyLife regimen for another month and my skin problem didn’t return. I dropped down to three teaspoons once a day, and my skin has been clear for the last six months. I had been struggling to heal my hand for a year and a half, and BarleyLife fixed it up in a month. I believe that the problem was indeed my liver and that BarleyLife helped cleanse my body, returning it to its optimum functionality.

I no longer take BarleyLife only when I feel sick. I am convinced of the dramatic effect
BarleyLife has on the body, and I continue to take it every day.

Candace Botticelli, AIM Preferred Member
Burnaby, BC

Testimonies should not be construed as results that anyone can achieve.

The Opportunity in Diversity

The AIM Companies™ has been delivering Nutrition, Opportunity, Success since 1982. The middle word is Opportunity, a perfect term for your AIM business. But are you utilizing the opportunity in diversity?

Take a look around your community. Whether you live in a small town, a large city, or somewhere in between, you live in a diverse society! In July 2013, Direct Selling News reported that, according to marketing executive Miriam Muléy, 90 percent of the population growth in the United States comes from the Latino, African-American, and Asian populations. (In Canada, population growth has also produced cultural diversity.) As the CEO of the 85% Niche (marketing consultancy), Muléy focuses on tapping into the full power of female buyers. One of the most relevant traits of what Muléy refers to as the “emerging population” is that these consumers purchase a disproportionate amount of health and wellness products. The buying power of this diverse group is nearly four trillion dollars. This is more than the combined economic buying power of Brazil, India, and Russia.

Muléy stated, “Diversity offers a tremendous upside for growth, especially as the traditional
mainstream markets begin to decline in size and begin to age. There are multiple ways to look at the benefit of diversity.” What does this mean in terms of growing your AIM business? There are many sides to diversity, including age, culture, and occupation. By looking at the occupational factor, you have an opportunity to begin exploring the diversity of jobs that expose millions of people to toxic chemicals on a daily basis, including hairdressers, janitors, landscapers, and firefighters. Contact groups related to such occupations (for example, a hairdressers association) to get mailing lists for sending newsletters. Even retail salespersons and cashiers are exposed to a thin layer of bisphenol A (BPA), a hormone-disrupting chemical that coats the receipts they handle every day. Think of the healthy difference that AIM BarleyLife could have on people in a wide variety of toxic jobs.

As for opening the door into cultures different from your own, check out local,
cultural fairs. Begin with a friendly “Hello!” and be open to exploring cultural differences
that can introduce new worlds to you. As well, AIM has bilingual employees who speak either Chinese, French, or Spanish, so we can help you through these language barriers.

Keep in mind that what we all share in common as human beings is a strong desire to have good health and wealth for ourselves and the people we love. AIM can be a factor in achieving these basic goals for all.

My Journey to Healthy and Beyond


Shared by Tamara Matteson

I have been overweight all of my life, attending my first Weight Watchers meeting at the age of nine. By 2002, I had reached my all-time heaviest weight of 293 pounds. After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I began a journey to find my way to good health.

Using a variety of different diets and methods, I have managed to lose over 100 pounds, but I was still not eating very healthy and felt tired all the time. My blood sugar continued to be unstable.

This changed when I found The AIM Companies™ and My Busy Healthy Life with AIM Director Celeste Davis. After doing a twenty-one day cleanse, I felt great and my blood sugar stabilized. I am now learning how to maintain these improvements. AIM products are awesome, and my body loves them.

Lifestyle changes along the way have been essential to keeping the weight off. I am not eating fast food for nearly every meal any more. Even though it took several years to end an addiction to drinking soda pop, I gave it up. [Editor’s note: U.S. studies show that drinking soda is linked to an increase in the risk of developing diabetes.] I started eating more foods that were raw and natural.

It is still quite a challenge to get the recommended daily servings of vegetables.
I think that is why I am so excited about AIM products like the Garden Trio®. I can easily get the supplemental nutrition I need, making it so much easier to stay with the healthier choices I am trying to make. Since I started taking all the supplements, I feel so much better. I hope to share them with other people who have weight and health issues because I really do believe in AIM and the quality of the AIM products.

The First and Largest Distributor of Green Barley Grass

It all started thirty-three years ago with the idea to sell and distribute green barley grass. What’s amazing is how unique that idea was back then. The idea existed in a world where there wasn’t a national chain of health food stores. The idea existed in a world where people played with lawn darts and smoked cigarettes in restaurants. The idea existed in a world where absolutely nobody sold or distributed whole-food juice concentrates made from living green barley grass. And it was this singular, unlikely and bold idea that The AIM Companies™ was founded on, making us the first and largest distributor of green barley grass in the world.

In its thirty-three years, AIM BarleyLife® has remained pretty much the same. Sure, the packaging changed over the years. Some of you may recall the glass jars with the red lids or the different labels we’ve used, but these were all small, aesthetic changes. The only real difference has been the increase in BarleyLife’s nutritional density. Even the cost has remained relatively constant. Fifteen years ago, you could purchase a 10.5 oz. (300 g) canister of BarleyLife for $43 US ($63 CAN due to currency exchange [US $1.00 = CAN $1.48]). Today, our 12.70 oz. (360 g) canisters of BarleyLife cost $46 US ($47 CAN). How many products and services out there can boast an increase in quality and a decrease in price?

Today, there are a few other companies peddling their barley grass products, but these Johnnycome-latelies don’t even compare to BarleyLife. Some of our competitors sell dried green barley grass, the equivalent to drinking milled grass clippings. We’ve spent thirty plus years perfecting the process of cutting, juicing, spray-drying, and vacuum-sealing the
plants just minutes after they’re harvested.

We’ve sold over forty million servings of BarleyLife. That’s an approximation because over the years even the way that servings were measured have changed. It used to be that we could measure by the spoonful—which is realistically the best and easiest way to measure—but now we measure by weight. (Although how many of us have ever weighed our juice powders?) We’ve also sold capsules and caplets of BarleyLife that have varied in size and nutritional density. The point is, we’ve sold a tremendous amount of BarleyLife in many forms to multitudes of people.

But it wasn’t us selling these products. It was you, the AIM Members who sold them door-to-door, at meetings, and over the phone. AIM has paid out over $600,000,000 (US) in commission checks. Today, many of you are selling them through the Internet with the help of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Some of you might be talking to your downline through Skype or FaceTime. No matter how much the technology changes over the years, the value of BarleyLife has remained constant. You’ve all brought BarleyLife to the people, helping them get the nutrition they need when they needed it. You’ve fostered hundreds and thousands of healthier lifestyles. For over three decades, you’ve been ambassadors of goodwill and good health. We hope you are as proud as we are.
Here at AIM HQ, we’ve received over 100,000 testimonials that have shown how a simple idea thirty-three years ago has changed the lives of millions and has ultimately changed the world.

The Red Rush Difference!

People who have tried AIM’s new beet juice concentrate are
experiencing the Red Rush difference—elevated performance and
increased stamina. The 500 mg of beet nitrate boosts nitric oxide levels
in the body, allowing anyone that drinks Red Rush performance shots
to physically do more than before.

Young AIM-sponsored athletes like multi-Olympic-medal-winner
speedskater J.R. Celski and mountaineer Martin Benning know about
the performance-enhancing advantage of Red Rush, but you don’t
have to be an Olympian to benefit from Red Rush.

BBB Earner: Tiki McIntyre

Our July featured AIM Business Builder was Tiki McIntyre from
New Orleans, Louisiana. Living Well Magazine talked to her over the phone
and learned some of her innovative business-building methods.

AIM provides a great opportunity to help people with their health.I use all the AIM products.As a personal trainer,I find that having a working knowledge of the products makes it easier to sell them. If you try and sell something that you don’t like, don’t understand or don’t believe in, then you can’t sell it. I believe in the AIM products. I’ve been using them for twenty-one years. I know that there are other products out there, but why even try them when I already get results from the AIM products.

“Everyone in my life knows that I drink AIM BarleyLife®. At the gym, I keep AIM products on the shelf, so people can see them. My clear water bottle is full of green juice, and people are curious about that. Also, I buy six packs of powders or capsules for myself and
if someone wants to buy a sample, I have something that I can put in their hands right away. I also talked to people who are already ordering from me about increasing the amount they buy, and that’s helped.

“I just recently made Director. I have a friend who lives in Qatar who purchases a six-month supply of AIM merchandise twice a year and those are huge orders. The last one gave me the boost and the motivation I needed to get the promotion.

“In March, I received $400.00 in Business Builder Bonuses, and $150.00 in April. Qualifying for bonuses gets really exciting when it comes down to the end of the month. It’s like a deadline. I like the challenge.”

The Business Builder Bonus is a great way to earn extra cash up front while expanding your business. To earn this great bonus all you have to do is sign up a new member who places an order of 240 BVP initially or signs up for a three-month 80 BVP Automatic MonthlyReorder (AMR). So, if you need more moolah right away, the Business Builder Bonus is a proven method to earn quick cash while achieving your long-term business goals.