BarleyLife: The Super-est of SuperFoods

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When we say that BarleyLife is made from the most nutritious stuff on earth, it isn’t like some guy saying he makes “The World’s Best Sandwich.” Because that guy is probably just touting a normal sandwich with a fancy moniker. We’re selling a unique, nutritious product with the evidence to back it up.

Let’s look at the nutritional profiles of three popular superfoods that I’ve been reading about lately: Quinoa, blueberries and kale. (Information is USDA-sourced Google info.) Superfoods are great. I’m not knocking them. You should probably eat them, but you’ll still need BarleyLife in your, uh, life. Here’s why:

Quinoa contains: (serving size 1 cup) 170 g 

8% Calcium

43% Iron

40% Vitamin B-6

83% Magnesium

Blueberries Contain: (serving size 1 cup) 148 g

1% Vitamin A

24% Vitamin C

2% Iron

5% Vitamin B-6

2% Magnesium

Kale Contains:  (serving size 1 cup) 67 g

133% Vitamin A

10% Calcium

134% Vitamin C

5% Iron

10% Vitamin B-6

7% Magnesium

BarleyLife Contains: (serving size 1 teaspoon) 4 g


As you can see, most superfoods contain about two or three major nutrients and a few side nutrients. BarleyLife also has two major nutrients but it has sixteen side nutrients. Additionally, you get all of it in four grams of powder. You have to eat 67 grams of kale to get the amounts listed. When we talk about the world’s most nutritious food, we’re talking density here. If you ate 67 g of BarleyLife (which I’m not advocating. I’m just doing a thought experiment) you could multiply every nutrient by 17, or in the case of kale, 42.5.

Because BarleyLife is so nutritionally dense, two or three four-gram servings per day gives you a wide variety of nutrients for only about 45 calories. That means, BarleyLife is the ideal juice to add to any healthy diet. Face it. How many of us actually make sure we’re getting 100% of each nutrient per day? Consuming  BarleyLife pretty much ensures that you get something that has been left out of your meals.

Furthermore, BarleyLife contains substantial amounts of amino acids, especially for a grass. We are going to compare 8 g of BarleyLife to 67 g of Kale and 185 g of cooked quinoa and 148 g of blueberries.

This amino acid analysis was done about ten years ago. Quality Assurance says our latest formulation has greater potency, but we’ll make due with this old list for now. (Also, I did some of the math, so there is always a risk of that going wrong.)

Amino Acids
BarleyLife   Kale     BlueBerries   QuiNoa
Alanine 0.124            0.166       0.045                0.338
Arginine 0.138            0.184       0.054                0.629
Aspartic acid 0.211            0.295       0.084                0.653
Glutamic acid 0.224            0.374       0.054                1.073
Glycine 0.107            0.159       0.045                0.399
Histidine 0.025            0.069       0.016                0.234
Isoleucine 0.091            0.197       0.034                0.290
Leucine 0.116            0.231       0.065                0.482
Lysine 0.083            0.197       0.019                0.442
Methionine 0.031            0.032       0.017                0.177
Phenylalanine 0.114            0.169       0.038                0.342
Proline 0.099            0.196       0.041                0.444
Serine 0.093            0.139       0.032                0.325
Threonine 0.106            0.147       0.029                0.242
Tyrosine 0.074            0.117       0.013                0.153
Valine 0.116            0.181       0.045                0.342

As you can see, two scoops of BarleyLife contains competitive amounts of amino acids, and it’s punching way over its weight. 185 grams of cooked quinoa may have more amino acids than BarleyLife, but it just has tons more mass and more calories (222). BarleyLife is the Mighty Mouse of food. It comes in small servings, it doesn’t take up much space, but it packs a wallop.

BarleyLife is the simple, low-calorie wholefood solution to nutrition. No matter how healthy you eat, it has something in it that you can use.

Director Promotion: Nikola Wilkie


Reaching the elite levels of the AIM Member Income Plan, Nikola Wilkie promoted to Star Sapphire Director in June 2014. Nikola’s association with The AIM Companies™ began in 1998, when she came across AIM Herbal Fiberblend® after reading Cleansing the Body and the Colon for a Happier and Healthier You by Teresa Schumacher, Chairman’s Club Director.

As a trained naturopath in the early years of her practice, Nikola was on the lookout for good products. “Looking at the ingredients, I knew I had found a brilliant product,” Nikola stated. “I am skeptical by nature, but, after scrutinising the AIM products, I knew they could help a lot of people.”

Her association with AIM has had a daily impact on her life as Nikola also uses the products to help maintain good health. She recalled her initial transformation after trying Herbal Fiberblend for the first time. “Five weeks after I started taking it, I was bouncing with energy, having cleaned the lining of my gut for the first time in my life.”

Being a health care practitioner, Nikola sees so many older people with serious health issues. “I am very grateful I have access to such a wonderful range of products that can help them,” she said. “I don’t take this lightly.”

By also offering products such as AIM BarleyLife® and AIM Composure® at her clinic, Nikola’s AIM business grew. She reached Director level within three months and her business plateaued shortly thereafter, but remained constant for about fourteen years.

In early 2013, Nikola contracted dengue fever, a mosquito-borne disease that made it a struggle to manage her clinic, mortgage, and life. “Those questions that come, like, ‘Why am I doing this?’ became louder, and I felt I needed to change my direction,” Nikola admitted. “I wanted my time and finances to be plentiful enough to be able to take care of my family and friends as we grow older.”

Nikola decided to take the wonderful opportunity that AIM offers and help even more people improve their health, not just the ones that come to her clinic. Melinda Lewis, General Manager of AIM Australia, encouraged Nikola over the past few years, spurring her on to do more. “I started talking to small groups, becoming friends with those who wanted to know more, and I enjoyed it,” Nikola confessed. “I can do this for the rest of my working life with pleasure, and the business will continue to grow.”

8 Things Improved Circulation Can Do For You

Beet Juice DrinkThere are quite a few drawbacks to having poor circulation. It can make you dizzy. It can make you sleepy. It can make you feel numb, and it will dry out your skin. Let’s pretend that your circulation is normal. Are there any advantages then to having improved blood flow. You bet your bottom dollar.  I found eight today. I am sure there are more, but that would require more research.

1. Reduction in Muscle Fatigue

Lactic acid builds up when no oxygen is present. Blood is the body’s oxygen-bringer. Therefore, better blood flow decreases muscle fatigue and quicker recovery.

2 Enhanced Cognition

A great deal of scientific data indicates that exercise improves cognition.  Exercise increases blood flow due to the release of nitric oxide. More blood and more energy equals a highly functioning frontal lobe.

Source: Scientific American

3. Healthy Skin

Did you know that blood circulation can help keep your skin looking flush and fresh? Don’t believe me, then maybe you’ll believe a skin doctor.

From WebMD

“We tend to focus on the cardiovascular benefits of physical activity, and those are important. But anything that promotes healthy circulation also helps keep your skin healthy and vibrant,” says dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, author of Simple Skin Beauty: Every Woman’s Guide to a Lifetime of Healthy, Gorgeous Skin and associate professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

4. Sexual Health

Jeez. It seems I can’t go a day without blogging about sexual health. But here’s the deal. Even if you don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction, even if you don’t have poor circulation,improved circulation can lead to improved sexual performance.

5. Warm Skin

Speaking of sexual health, being cold and clammy is never a turn on. Improved blood flow keeps your skin warm.

6. Healthier in General

Poor circulation can lead to a host of problems like dizziness, shortness of breath and muscle weakness. It’s also a sign of major cardiovascular problems.

7. Improved Nutrient Delivery

Blood delivers nutrients to your organs. It can also move medicine quickly through your body.

8. Improved Wound Healing

If you are slow to heal, you may just have poor circulation.

From Bridgeport Hospital

Blood circulation is the flow of blood from the heart throughout the body. Blood carries important nutrients, such as oxygen, and removes contaminants, both of which are required to maintain healthy skin and muscles. Good circulation is crucial to wound healing. Without good circulation, wounds heal very slowly or not at all.


Reprinted from the Red Rush Blog

How Nitric Oxide Helps Fight Infections

20140918_133306Twenty years ago, just about everyone thought nitric oxide was a pollutant. People were all like “that stuff is yucky,” but then three scientists won a Nobel Prize for discovering its role as a signaling agent and people were all like “I want to signal stuff now.”  And then Olympians were all like “nitric oxide says ‘widen up, blood vessels.’ and then the blood vessels are all like ‘OK.’ Therefore, I’d better drink beet juice to get more oxygen-filled blood to my sinewy Olympian muscles.” And then everyone became hip to nitric oxide and rode fixed-gear bicycles.

Now scientists are reassessing this molecule’s role and discovering all the different things it does inside the human body. Personally,–I’m not a doctor or a scientist so keep that in mind–I think nitric oxide/vegetable nitrate will be considered a daily essential in the future, especially when I read a story like the one I read today.

Nitric Oxide News:

Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago discovered, between bites of deep-dish pizza no doubt, nitric oxide’s role in fighting infection. This is how it works. There are these things in the body called microphages that hunt down and kill bacteria. They kill bacteria using chemicals, and one of the chemicals microphages use is nitric oxide.

From Science Daily

“Without the ability to synthesize inducible nitric oxide synthase, a macrophage would be missing a key element of its chemical weaponry,” Ranjan said. “We would expect these cells to be much less effective at killing bacteria and attenuating sepsis.”

If a microphage were a ninja, then nitric oxide would be one of its swords.

This Post is for Informational Purposes Only: 

Please note that beet juice is not medicine. Red Rush cannot cure or treat anything. In fact, if you have severe sepsis, nitric oxide will do the opposite of help.  Also, if you have severe sepsis, then you need to stop reading blogs and go to the emergency room.

Reprinted from the Red Rush Blog

Call in the PrepZymes


A study in the Journal of Digestive Diseases and Sciences found
that children who suffered from celiac disease (gluten intolerance) saw an improvement in their condition after supplementing with lipase, one of the many helpful enzymes in AIM PrepZymes®. The positive effects of lipase only appeared during the first month of supplementation, leading some experts to believe that lipase supplementation might be immediately useful to those who are making the switch to a glutenfree diet. So if you plan on switching to a gluten-free diet, it might be time to call in the PrepZymes!

But the benefits of PrepZymes don’t end there. As you get older, the quantity of enzymes in your body decreases. Enzymes are responsible for the healthy and efficient digestion of food. Also, digestion slows due to the aging process. Slow digestion can lead to all sorts of uncomfortable problems like bloating, gas,and constipation. According to the Mayo Clinic, average digestion time for men is thirty-three hours and forty-seven hours for women. That’s approximately forty hours on average. If your daily digestion is running
behind, then it might be time to call in the PrepZymes!

Another scientific study, published in the same journal as above, discovered that healthy people who ate a fatty and highly caloric meal and supplemented with pancreatic enzymes, like those in PrepZymes, had significantly reduced levels of gas and bloating. Therefore, if you’re a healthy person who just ate a hearty meal and wants to beat the bloat,it might be time to call in the PrepZymes.

AIM Says No to GMO


After several years of GMO testing, AIM is pleased to confirm that all of its whole-food concentrates and natural health products have been certified as Non-GMO.
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are plants or animals designed with gene-splicing techniques—biotechnological science that has turned Dr. Frankenstein-like madness into reality.These unnatural creations should not be a part of your dietary intake. According to the David Suzuki Foundation, “the safety of GMO foods is unproven and a growing body of research connects these foods with health concerns and environmental damage.” Saying no to GMO is truly the healthy way to go.AIM also tested all of its products to determine gluten-free and vegan status.

Blue Diamond Director Promotion


Perry and Marilyn Lehman of Topeka, Indiana, were promoted to Blue Diamond Directors in July 2014. Perry works as a cabinet maker for Starcraft RV. Marilyn has a home-based sewing business and makes clothing that is shipped worldwide.Their son, Erik, turned fifteen in June and works various jobs. In their spare time,they travel a lot and enjoydoing things together as a family.

They both work full time, and Perry says that Marilyn actually works
overtime. In the midst of all their work, they still find room to contact The AIM Companies™, send out information, and place and fill orders. People often drop by their home to pick up products or to have their questions answered. The Lehman’s follow up by telephoning and then mailing information packets about AIM products to people all over the United States. They say the most effective thing they have done to grow their AIM business is to simply share their own story of wellness with people and then listen to the health concerns of those people. Additionally, the Lehman’s hold an annual Indiana AIM Conference that includes a women’s health meeting.

They tell new Members to give the AIM products a try for at least three months, no less and to not give up if they have a bad day. If somebody shares their health concerns with them, they talk about what that person is going through and may suggest adjustments in how they are taking the product or how much they are using. Because of their own improved health, they are often approached by folks who want to know what they are doing differently. They share with them what they have done and help those people improve their health and quality of life. They are able to share one-onone with the people that come by their home and help them to choose the AIM products that work best for their particular health concern.

The Lehman’s say that being with The AIM Companies has been amazing for their family
in terms of health. For five years, they have taken AIM BarleyLife® Xtra and unflavored AIM Herbal Fiberblend®. With the addition of the blender bottle, the products mix easily and they are a great way to start their day. Their family of friends has grown, and they’ve been able to build relationships with people outside of their area all over the count. And they are not sick anymore!

“The guidance and help that we get from the AIM corporate office when we need to ask questions or need information has really been a blessing in our lives. We’ve gotten to know people that we never would have met,” they said. “We’ve been blessed to personally meet and know the owners Dennis and Kay Itami and Ron and Opal Wright as well as many individuals on the AIM staff.

“It’s been totally amazing how God has blessed us since we have started on the AIM products. People come to us wanting help and we have been able to help them.”

AIM Membership Agreement Changes to Enhance Your Business Opportunities

Red RushNew changes to the Membership Agreement can mean a big boost in business for you!
According to the new rules, AIM products can now be sold to and through privately owned
retail establishments. That means, you can now sell AIM products to and through CrossFit gyms, salons, health food stores, or health facilities as long the establishment isn’t a mass merchandiser, the establishment advertises the product for the suggested retail price, and the principal owner signs up for Membership.

Additionally, the employees of the retailers are allowed to sell the products as a proxy for the Principal Owner/Member. Members can now become distributors for their local, independent businesses and sell through their own small businesses, increasing their commission and earning potentials exponentially.

Furthermore, rules regarding the dissolution of Joint Memberships have been added to the Member Agreement. See the AIM website for further details.

A Holistic Approach to the Healthy Cell Concept


AIM Director Nancy Tam’s Water-Wise Garden won the 2014 National
Environmental Achievement Award and the 2013 Keep Texas Beautiful Award.
Whether she’s tending garden or nurturing her body with AIM BarleyLife®, Nancy keeps the Healthy Cell Concept™ in mind.

“I work for a water district. We have a role in educating the public and city officials about water conservation. Ten years ago due to my passion for gardening, I had the opportunity to help my company by installing the landscape around a new facility. In order to save money and for educational purposes, I redesigned the landscape with water conservation in mind, so I used more drought-resistant and native plants. I created three different styles of garden: Japanese, hill country, and English. If I wanted people to copy my Water-Wise Gardens, I had to make them attractive and easy. So I made a datasheet that was like a recipe.

“The water-wise garden is totally organic, which makes sense. There is no need to use harmful chemicals. When you’re handling pesticides and herbicides, you can inhale the poison. If you touch them without gloves, they are absorbed into your skin and can negatively impact your body.

“Harmful chemicals in the garden are as dangerous as the harmful chemicals one can absorb through food. That’s why we go organic. Using organic products means less disease and fewer allergies. We should apply the Healthy Cell Concept to our environment in addition to our bodies.

“Back in ‘89, I got really sick with allergies from pollen and food. I had anemia, hives, migraines, and total fatigue all the time. I went for medical help. I’m a good patient. I did what they told me, but none of them put a focus on nutrition. A friend of mine asked me to see Loretta Shu (Chairman’s Club Director). I almost didn’t. I was so tired. When I met her, there was no sales presentation, just a nice friendly get-together. She told me about BarleyLife. That was a turning point for me.

“Gradually, I began taking BarleyLife on a daily basis. Every time I had the desire to drink a soda or something else unhealthy, I drank BarleyLife instead. I didn’t expect a miracle to happen, but it did. In four to five weeks, my energy levels were better. It was both so sudden and so gradual that it took me awhile to realize that the BarleyLife was making a difference. One day I noticed that I hadn’t used my extra-strength aspirin in threeweeks. I used to eat them like candies because my head hurt so much, but now all my symptoms were gone.

“After I regained my own health, I learned about the Healthy Cell Concept and other AIM products. AIM is so good about teaching health. In 2000, my fifteen-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He went blind for six months. I was able to encourage him to incorporate the Healthy Cell Concept into his life and guided him to seek alternative health options whenever possible. He regained some of his eyesight, and his tumor went away. He finished high school and college and now owns his own business. The Healthy Cell Concept has impacted my family personally. Without BarleyLife, I wouldn’t have been able to do all things that I do with my career. Good health is really the biggest wealth because you can’t enjoy a good laugh without it.”


New Study on Women: Healthy Lifestyle Cuts Stroke Risk by More than Half


A new study put out by the American Academy of Neurology found that women can cut their risk of stroke by 54% by choosing to living a healthy lifestyle. The five elements of a healthy lifestyle that this study accounted for were not smoking, moderate drinking (3 to 9 drinks a week), healthy diet (top 50% of recommended food score), physically active (vigorous exercise at least one hour a week and walking or biking 40 minutes a day) and healthy weight (BMI under 25). Women who maintained all positive factors had a 54% lower risk of stroke compared to women who had zero healthy factors.

The study followed 31,696 Swedish women who had an average age of sixty for ten years. The majority of women had two or three healthy factors going for them. There were 1,535 who had none, and only 589 women who had all. Risk of stroke decreased with the addition of each healthy lifestyle choice, and a healthier diet was linked to a 13% decrease in cerebral infarction, the most common type of stroke. Unfortunately, no link was found between healthy lifestyle and hemorrhagic stroke.

Source: Science Daily