Relief from Urinary Tract Infections


Shared by Rosie Reichart, AIM Preferred Member

I suffered for over fifteen years with symptoms of urinary tract infections (UTIs). Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well, the years were filled with discomfort whenever I had to urinate and severe pain in my back, legs, pelvis, and kidneys. It was difficult for me to walk or physically do much of anything.

I took many medications, including antibiotics, saw my doctor monthly, and had several hydrodistention of the bladder procedures for my urinary issues. But there was no relief from the pain.Nothing helped.

My son Daniel, an RN in a hospital intensive care unit, became concerned that I was taking so many antibiotics that eventually they would become ineffective against the bacteria causing the infections. He was right. Over time, nothing helped to stop the recurring UTIs. I was so discouraged, depressed, and tired of having no relief month after month, year after year.

I mentioned my health problems to my Destiny Church friends, Yoli Huron (Star Sapphire Director) and Marta King (Group Builder). They encouraged me to try AIM products, sharing several testimonials of Members who experienced relief from pain and improved their health.

In December 2011, I began taking AIM BarleyLife® and AIM Composure®, and later added AIM CranVerry®+, specifically for the UTIs, and AIM FloraFood®, for the healthy bacteria that I truly believed helped me so much. Within two months, I began to feel the positive effects of taking these natural supplements. Today I am free from UTIs and doing so much better with the fibromyalgia. Thank you, Jesus, for leading me to AIM products through my friends at Destiny Church.

I am also so grateful for Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen (Chairman’s Club Director), who has given me so much inspiration through her webinars and private classes in Stony Brook, New York. I call her book, Healthy Eating Wholesome Living, my healthy Bible. I am taking AIM fit ’n fiber™, AIM ProPeas™, and AIM GlucoChrom™, and I have lost thirteen pounds. Dr. Chen encourages me to continue with my goal to lose weight.

On a final note, I thank AIM for giving us all the best products ever because they do give results.

FloraFood and PrepZymes: Stronger Apart

FF and Prep

Even though AIM provides products that can be taken with most others, two AIM products
really don’t get along. Like two talented people who cannot work together but individually
produce excellent work, AIM FloraFood® and AIM PrepZymes® must be kept separated to be mutually effective.

Both work wonders for your digestive and immune systems, supporting overall good health. The enzymes in PrepZymes not only help to digest food, they provide supplemental enzymes needed for literally thousands of essential chemical reactions in your body. The friendly bacteria in FloraFood promote a healthy balance of intestinal flora and pH, while helping to produce vitamins and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of these  natural health products.

But if you take FloraFood and PrepZymes at the same time, the internal battle begins. Without perceptive brains (or any brain matter for that matter), enzymes simply start to digestively devour FloraFood, destroying the equally brainless bacteria that have only your healthy interests at heart. What a waste of effort (and money)!

Taken separately at different mealtimes allows FloraFood and PrepZymes to get their work done without any mean-spirited interference or supposed superiority. So if you take PrepZymes with breakfast and dinner, take FloraFood with lunch and a snack. Whatever you do, just keep ‘em separate. They just don’t get along. And they never will.


Here Comes the Sun


“Are the days of winter sunshine just as sad for you, too? When it is misty, in the evenings, and I am out walking by myself, it seems to me that the rain is falling through my heart and causing it to crumble into ruins.”
—Gustave Flaubert

The days grow short during winter’s long, deep freeze. The chilled air chaps the face and hands and snow litters the ground, and even during the days, the sun may hide behind a thick bank of clouds. Winter, dark and cold, can feel oppressive and unyielding. It is, indeed, a sad time. Maybe the reason why winter seems so sad is because you’re not getting enough vitamin D, a nutrient usually provided by the sun.

According to the Vitamin D Council, there is a direct link between depression and a lack of the D  vitamin, although scientists aren’t sure if depression causes vitamin D deficiency or vice versa. In either case, if you’re beleaguered by winter blues, you’re low on vitamin D. Veggie D® from The AIM Companies™ can help keep your vitamin D levels up even when the sun is down.

The vitamin D in Veggie D comes from shitake and button mushrooms and provides you with 1,000 IU of vitamin D2 as well as 3.3 mg of lycopene, an antioxidant thought to help with depression by reducing oxidative stress. So chase those winter blues away, with Veggie D. (Not available in Canada.)

Growing Your AMR Options

Sports PackThe Red Rush AMR was slated to be discontinued at the end of the year. That is no longer the case. The Red Rush AMR Program is so popular that we’ve decided to extend and broaden the program! The Red Rush AMR delivers a month’s worth of beet juice shots for three months to the doorsteps of anyone who wants a nitric oxide boost. When you sign up a new Member with this AMR, they receive a $10.00 12-pack of Red Rush (no BVP, shipping not included), a free AIM Membership, and enough Red Rush to last for the next three months (a total of nine 12-packs delivered over three months at $121.50 US/$124.20 CAN, 108 BVP monthly).

On January 1, we’re starting the second special AMR program, the AIM Sports Pack AMR. It’s just like the Red Rush AMR. You’ll still be eligible to purchase a single $10.00 12-pack of Red Rush® no BVP at time of purchase. Every month, you’ll receive one twelve-pack of Red Rush, one ProPeas® and one Peak Endurance®. This is a great choice for people who work out only a few days a week. The Sports Packs retails for $143.00 US/ $150.80 CAN and has a member price of $110.00 US/$116.00 CAN. (97 BVP) All AMR discounts and bonuses apply.

These special AMR Programs work synergistically with the Smart Start Reward and the Business Builder Bonus to dramatically increase your earnings. Additionally, it provides all Members looking to grow their businesses with an inexpensive source of samples. A Member without a current AMR is eligible for this program and current AMR Members can also receive a $10.00 12-pack of Red Rush (no BVP, shipping not included) without having to make any additional purchases. The Red Rush AMR has as a $35.00 cancellation fee (if cancelled in the first 3 months).

AIMing for Better Health


In November 2007, Gil Quintana was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It was a family affair: his two sisters were battling the same disease, and he lost his mother to diabetes after caring for her for ten years. Having a parent or sibling with type 2 diabetes can give you a genetic predisposition for this disease.

Lifestyle choices also contributed to his situation. “I drank six cans of pop daily my entire life,” Gil said, “no water, so I did not know the damage I was doing to my body.” Studies have shown that daily consumption of soda increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Gil was also physically inactive and overweight—two more risk factors. It was time to for him to make some changes. “This is not how I’m going to die,” Gil decided.

Gil heard about nutrition classes being taught by Liana Kopalyan (AIM Director) in the Las Vegas church they both attended. Gil said, “I started going to her classes in January 2008. I told her right away that I was fighting for my life. Liana said she could help me with that.”

With proper nutrition, the body can heal itself. However, the requirements of each individual are different. Liana first put Gil on a detoxifying program using AIM Herbal Fiberblend® and AIM Para 90®. In terms of his diet, the secret was food combining but no refined sugars or refined carbohydrates. He also ate lots of fruit and vegetables and drank smoothies along with taking the AIM Garden Trio®, AIM FloraFood®, and AIMega®.

In the first month Gil lost 17 pounds. He was actually worried about his quick drop in weight. His pant size had gone from a 42 waist to a 36, and his shoes no longer fit him. However, his doctor reassured him that it was mostly the loss of water weight because Gil had reduced his salt intake. His blood sugar levels were also dropping. “My doctor told me to keep doing what I was doing,” he stated, “and to start working out to tighten up the sagging skin.” When Gil began exercising, he could barely walk two blocks. Liana put him on AIM Peak Endurance™ to increase his energy levels.

Today at the age of fifty-six, he stays physically active by jogging and working out. His weight has gone from 240 pounds to 187. The dramatic positive changes in Gil’s health
put him in a position to help others.

Becoming Liana’s executive administrator and a part of her teaching team, Gil is helping to put her business together and write her programs. “I’m kind of Liana’s poster child,” Gil stated. “I’ve used AIM products for eight years, so people can see that they work. I’ve given my life to God to speak about diabetes. I don’t want people to see it as a death sentence. They can beat it.”

Your Winter Survival Kit

Winter Kit

There`s a chill in the air in most of North America. Even Floridians keep sweaters and coats on hand to deal with the drop in temperature. The question is how you should deal with colds, flus, and under-the-weather conditions that generally follow the falling mercury, not to mention the stress that usually goes along with the holiday season. If you want to avoid winter illnesses, it`s time to put together a survival kit filled with AIM nutritional protection.

AIM Proancynol® 2000

Antioxidants protect you from the inside out against free radical damage. The more antioxidants you can give your body, the better. The Proancynol 2000 formula contains seven ingredients that provide the widest variety of antioxidants available in a single supplement. Each type of antioxidant provides individual benefits and works on different body systems, so reach into your winter survival kit for Proancynol 2000.

AIM PrepZymes®

Along with food digestion, enzymes are required for thousands of chemical reactions in your body. Supplementing your body’s natural production with the cultured enzymes, papaya fruit, and wild alpine garlic in PrepZymes is like covering your body with an electric blanket of support. And with holiday feasting on the horizon, the different types of enzymes in PrepZymes help to digest all the various food components, including carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

AIM FloraFood®

Supporting your gastrointestinal tract with the probiotics in FloraFood helps protect you from harmful bacteria since the wall of the gut houses 70 percent of the cells that make up your immune system. FloraFood feeds your immune system with three kinds of healthy bacteria that help to keep it strong and functioning optimally.

AIM Composure®
When you need to chill out in the chill of winter, Composure offers a natural way to stay calm, relaxed, and well-rested. As wonderful as festive gatherings can be, stress is often a by-product of holiday celebrations, even with friends and loved ones. There’s no point in losing any sleep when you are out or home for the holidays, so keep the non-addictive herbal formula in your survival kit to get your much needed rest.

The Road to Recovery

Road To Recovery

By Jackson Ger, AIM Chairman’s Club Director

I have always been sick as far back as I can recall.

During the winters, I could recover from colds in a week or two, but I could not shake the coughing for months. At social outings, I was regarded by friends as calm and quiet, but truthfully my lungs just didn’t allow me to talk much. By age forty, I suffered from severe fatigue, insomnia, ulcers, allergies, and hemorrhoids.

Around this time, I had my first brush with death. My son found me in my bedroom doubled up and prone on the floor, gasping for breath between groans. I had a perforated ulcer, and waste from my duodenum was leaking into my abdomen. He saved my life that day by speeding me to our family physician. Not long after this, my wife introduced me to AIM’s green barley powder. After taking it for just a few months, I experienced a significant improvement in my health.

In May 1999, we moved away from Texas. One week after hauling our things to Palm Desert, CA, somehow, ridiculously, I caught a cold amid the triple-digit desert heat. That
night while the temperature was a comfortable seventy-five degrees, I was cold and
shivering under a mound of blankets. My temperature was 102. I thought I was about to
die as a pain in my leg kept getting worse.

Next morning, my wife, Juliet, rushed me to a clinic. I was more interested in getting treatment for the pain in my left leg, but I figured it would be nice to get something for my cold and fever. When the physician saw me, he told me that I needed to go to ER. He was afraid that I might drop dead. My hemoglobin at that time was only one-third of the normal level of a healthy person, and I was deathly pale.

I had the whole nine yards of laboratory work done, and then I was transferred to an ordinary room for a head-to-toe examination. A hematologist finished his tests, and the
results showed that 75 percent of my bone marrow was malfunctioning. My defective white blood cells were attacking my red blood cells, causing anemia and poor immunity. At last I had the answer to my lifelong poor health.

The doctor started me immediately on a seven-day cycle of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, CAT scans, etc. The treatment did kill some cancer cells in my bloodstream and eliminated some small tumors in my lymphatic system. One of these tumors was pressing against some nerves in my left leg, causing terrible pain. When the doctor was confident that I was out of immediate danger, she released me from the hospital and let me rest for one month before going on to the next cycle. Life was uncomfortable but tolerable at this point.

After two treatments, 80 percent of my hair fell out; ulcers formed in my mouth
and made it hard to eat. I often vomited; sleeping was difficult, elimination very irregular. I reluctantly spent most of my nights reading at home.

To combat these side effects, Juliet gave me three-tablespoon
servings of BarleyLife –four times a day – along with Herbal Release®, Just Carrots®, RediBeets®, and other juices. Because of the mouth ulcers, most of the food I ate was in liquid form. Life was miserable.

Before the fifth treatment, we added a Cell Wellness Restorer® soak in addition to our daily nutritional regimen. Miraculously, all adverse effects of the drugs were reduced.

After the final treatments, the assessment showed that 75 percent of the cancer cells in my bone marrow had been killed with only 3 percent remaining. Per medical determination,
when cancer cells shrink down to below 5 percent, it is considered a total remission.

The latest official numbers on cancer and aging from the Department of Health indicate that if you are age fifty-five, you are ten times more likely to die of cancer than when you were thirty-five. At age sixty-five, cancer death is twenty times more likely, and by the
time you reach seventy-five, your risk of cancer death mushrooms to forty times higher.At eighty-five, should you be lucky enough to live that long, your risk is sixty-five times higher.

Probably for this reason, fifteen years after remission, a lump, a half an inch high, grew
from my neck. At the Savannah Convention this past May, I showed it to my long-time “personal angel,” Opal Wright. She told me to try BarleyLife in aggressive servings, i.e., four heaping tablespoons four times a day. After I followed her instructions for two months, the lump is completely gone. I continue taking this amount today.

Can you imagine the feeling of someone who lost his freedom for many decades and one day he was released from jail to enjoy life again with his loved ones?

Life is precious and full of blessings. People don’t need to wait until they are on their deathbeds to see the angels around them. They’re around us in our daily lives. I am so grateful to The AIM Companies™ for their drive to bestow abundant health on everyone with superior products like BarleyLife and Magnificence®. I am also thankful for AIM’s no nonsense business opportunity.

“Caring and sharing” is the essence of love and the spirit of the holy. I wholeheartedly invite you to use AIM’s “magic wand” to touch someone you love. Great merit to you!

Good Health Is Passed Along Through the Generations


When a child is born, everything changes for the parents. This new life touches the extended family as well. On September 8, 2014, Ken and Lanny Donald (Chairman’s Club Directors) were deeply touched when their daughter, Kalina, gave birth to twin boys, Kaelan and Keiran. Four days later, their daughter, Jensina, gave birth to a baby boy, Kaius. Three healthy grandchildren had come into Ken and Lanny’s lives, making them new grandparents—three generations helped by AIM nutrition.

The Donald connection to The AIM Companies™ goes back to 1996, when Lanny’s poor state of health was turned around after she began taking AIM BarleyLife®. Her improved health convinced Ken and their four children, Anitra, Erik, Kalina, and Jensina, to start using these nutritional greens along with a variety of AIM supplements. BarleyLife helped to give the Donalds the incredible energy levels required to run their successful dental practice. Eventually, they introduced AIM nutrition to their patients. In October 2009, Ken and Lanny promoted to AIM Chairman’s Club Directors, and all of their children became AIM Directors

For Kalina and Jensina (and their husbands) the many benefits of AIM nutrition have made an incredibly healthy difference in their first experience of pregnancy and childbirth. Both sisters feel that AIM supplements helped them to avoid the stereotypical cravings and symptoms associated with pregnancy.

Kalina said, “I made sure I took regular AIM feedings: 1 heaping tablespoon of BarleyLife, 1 teaspoon of AIM RediBeets®, 1 heaping tablespoon of AIM LeafGreens™ three times a day. This kept my energy levels up, and I had no cravings for things that were not good for me.” She maintained a strict diet that allowed no caffeine or sugar during her pregnancy.

Jensina mostly concentrated on upping her amount of greens, whether LeafGreens or BarleyLife, to increase her folic acid intake. “My pregnancy was fabulous!” Jensina exclaimed. “I never had weird food cravings or morning sickness. And no decrease in energy, even in the third trimester.”

Kalina added, “I feel blessed because of my unusual pregnancy. With twins most mothers work up to week twenty-five. I was able to continue up to week thirty-four, working at home in the end.” Interestingly enough, ever since she was a young girl, Kalina had the idea she was going to have twins. “Giving birth to Kaelan andKeiran and seeing them for the first time was amazing.”

Jensina was able to do her job as a dental assistant in her parents’ practice right up to August 25, 2014. Seventeen days later she went into labor. Her son Kaius was born on September 12, filling Jensina with a sense of awe when she first held him. Kaius attended his first AIM meeting with his mother in Vancouver on October 22, bringing an
angelic quality to the event. In fact, he was a contented angel who never
made a peep during the three-hour meeting.

Kalina and Jensina would like to send out a challenge to mothers to be committed to BarleyLife during their pregnancies, and then send Living Well magazine their feedback, especially from moms who had previous births without using AIM and the difference it made when they did.