ProPeas, Your Gut Is Telling You to Use It


Everybody knows that pea protein is good for you. First of all, it promotes alkalinity
unlike acidifying meat protein. Green protein is anti-inflammatory as well. It can
help you maintain or increase lean muscle mass. It helps keep you satiated. It
helps your bones and brain and your heart and keeps you strong as you age.
It also helps you recover from exercise faster. It’s great stuff, but now there’s a
new study that suggests that pea protein can help foster beneficial bacteria in
the intestines.

The study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology found that
pea protein hydrolysates—a hydrolysate is a partially broken down protein that
allows for more rapid absorption of amino acids—modulates the physiologies of
bacteria in the lower intestine, acting like a prebiotic.

A prebiotic is a special form of dietary fiber that nourishes beneficial bacteria. Everyone is familiar with a probiotic; useful bacteria that enter the stomach live and provide benefits through their presence. Prebiotics aren’t alive, so they’re a little heartier because they can’t die. Their role is to nourish preexisting helpful bacteria. So on top of all the other benefits pea protein provides, this study indicates that it can help maintain healthy gut flora for possible immune and digestive benefits.

ProPeas, your gut is telling you to use it.

The Upline Connection

Upline Connection, Making

As a business-building AIM Member, you are at the top—the upline. Each
Member that you have personally sponsored is a part of your downline and has the potential to rise to the top as well. That’s the beauty of direct sales. Anyone can rise to the top and earnings can be unlimited.

Being upline involves a key responsibility: Follow-up—communication with a capital C!
Let’s examine why.

Some of the individuals you are responsible for may be:

1 Business Builders (just like you).

2 Potential Business Builders

3 Product Users (just like how you probably got started).

The truth is any of these people can change positions depending on their upline. The
AIM Companies™ often receives queries from Members who have used products for some time and ask AIM staff how to go about building a business. Actually, more often than not, they ask about commission percentages, meaning they’ve already advanced to potential business builders simply by asking some questions: how much can I earn and how do I do this?

The real question is: Why aren’t they communicating with their upline? This question circles back to the key responsibility of upline: follow-up. Staying in touch with every Member in your downline keeps each individual informed about AIM products and the business aspect where appropriate. Let those who may be interested know that it’s okay to talk about business.

The AIM Academy provides a wealth of information on both products and business to help you disseminate knowledge. Knowledge is power, and a knowledgeable sponsor is a powerful sponsor, so use the tools AIM provides.

And don’t be afraid to ask for more. Royal Emerald Director Linda Cole did because she knows the importance of staying connected with her downline. One of her many methods is to use postcards. Getting real mail from someone you know can actually make an impression in a world of e-mails.

“I send AIM postcards to our downline,” Linda explained, “and I wanted one that featured Red Rush.” She contacted The AIM Companies™, and her wish was granted. Of course, this inspired her to ask for other postcards targeted at business builders, AIM Members, and customers. AIM loves this kind of enthusiasm, and we are here to provide you with the tools you need to effectively communicate.

In the end, The AIM Companies is only as strong as its membership, and you, as aspiring or present-day upline, can open the doors of communication to incredible strength by following up with your downline.

My AIM Academy

AIM Academy

By Colleen Oakley
AIM Preferred Member
Hertfordshire, England

I am very new to AIM, although I have dipped in and
out for years. In addition, my upline is in South Africa,
and I am in the UK. When AIM Chairman’s Club Director Jenny Brown, my sponsor, suggested doing The AIM Academy course, I decided to go for it, mainly to
get referrals*, quite frankly.

I have been a nurse for many years, studied a lot about nutrition and have belonged to many network organizations. I didn’t think there was much this course could teach me. How wrong I was!

I love that the AIM Academy focuses on nutrition first and income second. As I worked my way through the modules, I was reminded anew of how great our Creator is and what a miracle our bodies are. I learned so much about renewal from the cellular level and beyond. Doing the course has also given me a hunger to learn more. My objective is to read one datasheet a day until I have absorbed them all.

So, onto the income and business building, it’s not as interesting to me. Though I do want to make a living out of this, so I’d better learn it well!

I found if I worked through each module and made my own notes to help keep them straight in my mind, it made sense.

All in all, an excellent course. It can only help to improve your health or build a business or both.

To receive AIM Member Referrals:

Actively working to grow your AIM business

Place monthly qualifying orders

* AIM Academy no longer a prerequisite for referral program. 

Slow Down the Hands of Time Part 2

Mitchell Clark


The “Godfather of Soul” James Brown sang a hit song, “Get Up Offa That Thing,” and that is what I would encourage you to do as well. What I mean by this is that exercise made a positive difference in my health, and AIM products provide the supplemental nutrition to keep me healthy and energized for physical activity.

I’ve been a happy AIM member since March 2009. My health has been radically changed by using AIM products. Many people say on a continual basis that my wife, Debbie, and I look so healthy, and they are surprised to find out our ages. I’m sixty, and Deb is fifty-seven.

You may recognize me from the article, “Slow Down the Hands of Time,” published in a 2010 issue of Living Well magazine. I related my journey to good health through the use of AIM products after having my first heart attack at the age of fifty. I had a second, less
severe heart attack in 2012. However, I am excited to say that my cardiologist, Dr. Bonet, informed me on August 15, 2014 that the defect in my heart is gone.

It was Dr. Bonet who had told me that exercise from walking was insufficient to deal with the plaque that was building up in my arteries. Along with a change of diet, I needed to attend a Healthy Heart program, which emphasizes rest, relaxation, quietness, calmness, and moderate exercise, as well as breathing techniques for eighty minutes, three times a week.

I am highly competitive, so I attended this class with a hammer-and-tongs attitude as my strength increased. I am well beyond the fitness level of many in the class due to the abundant energy I derive from AIM products. They really work, helping to slow down the hands of time. This vigorous workout has been excellent for my heart and general well-being. My heart now pumps at 50 percent, and the normal heart pumps between 40 and 60 percent. Dr. Bonet has declared that my recovery is remarkable.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my story.

Natural Strides With AIM


Recently, two of our Australian contingency undertook foot odysseys. Star Sapphire Director and Naturopath Nikola Wilkie marched beachside next to thunderous waves down the coast of western Victoria, Australia, and AIM Australian General Manager, Melinda Lewis walked through the Southern Alps, and both were powered by AIM products.

Nikola’s Journey
I walked 115km (71 miles) of the Great Ocean Walk along the coast line of western Victoria. It was a moderate walk with some difficult stretches. Carrying my own water for the day, food, and clothing ready for a change of weather was heavy enough to make me sink deeply into the sand along the beaches. In preparation for the walk, I had only been doing two laps at the Red Arrow, a popular hill circuit in Cairns, three or four times a week. Not much really, so I was expecting to suffer a bit during the seven-day walk.

I started each morning with AIM’s BarleyLife ®, Just Carrots®, and RediBeets®, a heaping teaspoon of each and mid-morning another Garden Trio®, mid-afternoon another one. Each night, I slept well—after a 20km (12 miles) walk up hill and across sandy beaches, who wouldn’t?—and woke refreshed and bright. I was a bit stiff in the joints as I got out of bed on the first day, but after that I was amazingly good. I had plenty
of energy, was alert and not too tired. My feet were worn out at the end of the day but by the next morning, I was good to go again.

I am so impressed with the effect of the juices. They kept my lactic acid levels low, the inflammation levels of my under-used joints as almost un-noticeable, my energy up and my mind alert. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Melinda’s Journey

Each year I participate in a walking holiday, and this year was a twelve-day adventure to the Southern Alps bordering France and Italy. I was with a group of eighteen, and we walked up to 18km (11 miles) per day with altitude increases of up to 950m (3,117 ft). Most days our walks started in towns and villages that were around 1200m (3,937 ft) above sea level.

After five days of walking, I witnessed the group’s fitness levels increasing. The steeper ascents didn’t feel as arduous. Keep in mind that to participate in one of these tours, a good degree of fitness and health is required. Strength and resistance training is also needed. We were up around 2900m (9,514 ft), and some parts of the walk were so rough and steep that some walkers would take as little as five steps and would be out of breath.

On the last day, we visited the peak of Mt. Blanc. Of the eighteen, only two of us were able to walk up and down steps and around the viewing platform—3842m (12,605 ft) above sea level— without becoming breathless or suffering from dizziness. Most other visitors struggled with the altitude. Also, it was amazing to watch members of the
group downing multiple cups of Italian espressos to get them started each day. I didn’t feel the need for this. I took an AIM Red Rush™ nitric oxide performance shot one hour before our walks commenced. The beauty of it all was that a twelve-pack of Red Rush fit perfectly in my suitcase.

The Answer to Weight Loss


Losing weight can be difficult for many people, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you find it hard to permanently get rid of unwanted pounds, AIM has Your Answer to Weight Loss (5859E/$2.00)—a booklet that provides a wealth of information you will need to reach and maintain your ideal weight. For example, it’s a fact that an acidic body pH negatively impacts your overall well-being. Fat production is one of your body’s protective measures against acidity, which makes it especially difficult to lose weight.

Balancing your body pH with alkalizing AIM BarleyLife® jump starts your healthy “losing” journey. This is just one of the booklet’s many helpful tips along with a food guide to help balance your body pH and smoothie recipes for meal substitutes or snacks.

You’ll discover how to fuel your transformation to a slimmer you with the AIM Weight Loss Pack. Combining the benefits of alkaline protein in AIM ProPeas™, hungerreducing fiber in AIM fit ’n fiber™, and insulinactivating trace minerals and herbs in AIM GlucoChrom™, the Weight Loss Pack along with BarleyLife will help to:

• Reduce your appetite
• Maintain healthy blood sugar
• Decrease LDL cholesterol
• Build and increase lean muscle mass
and decrease body weight

What may have been seemingly impossible to accomplish becomes doable with the right information and supplemental support. Start losing today!

To begin an exercise program that will help to create a lighter, healthier you, order the Weight Loss Starter Pack that also includes the following weight-loss tools: an exercise ball (plus instructional DVD), a Blender Bottle, and the Your Answer to Weight Loss booklet. (These Weight Loss Tools can also be ordered as a set or individually.)


Natural Living with AIM


Life can take you on unplanned journeys. Back in 1997, AIM Director Liana Kopalyan and thought she was headed for a career as an attorney. With a BA in hand, law school was the next step. After marrying Nerses Kopalyan, she decided to take a year off before continuing her studies.

During that time off, she found a small cyst after performing a breast self-exam. Her doctor recommended that the benign, tumorous mass be surgically removed. Within less than a year, it grew back. Her grandmother had died from breast cancer, so Liana felt there was a high possibility that the same thing could happen to her.

“I remember praying to God to show me what was wrong with my body,” Liana said. The next day she received a telephone call from Alice Muradyan, her friend and AIM Director, about a seminar in Mission Viejo, California, being conducted by Mary-Ann Shearer, AIM Chairman’s Club Director. Liana went to the event with a friend. “I was crying the entire time during the seminar,” she admitted. Approaching Mary-Ann afterward, Liana asked her for help.

Mary-Ann put her on a lifestyle-changing program, assuring Liana that within a month her body would repair itself and the cyst would melt away. “I bought everything Mary-Ann was selling, stocking up on AIM BarleyLife®, and then reading her books and doing research,” Liana said. “Deciding to do everything new, I trashed all of the bad food in my kitchen and went shopping at Whole Foods.”

Having decided to be 100 percent committed to the recommended lifestyle changes, it took only two weeks for her body to heal. To make sure that the cyst was no longer there, she went back to the same doctor who was now confused about whether it was the right or left breast because the cyst was gone. “It’s not difficult to comprehend. My
body healed itself with nutrition like BarleyLife,” Liana stated. “I constantly take it!”

The journey to becoming an attorney reached a fork in the road at this point in Liana’s life. Instead of going to law school, she took Mary-Ann’s two-year course to become a Natural Health Consultant. Liana explained, “I got serious about good health for my family.”

In 2002, the family moved from California to Nevada, where they began attending the International Church of Las Vegas. “Our pastors, Paul and Denise Goulet, became our spiritual parents,” Liana stated, “providing leadership and bible training. After getting to know us, they supported me in teaching nutrition classes for the church.” She used Mary- Ann’s book as an outline and added fitness lessons as well. Since 2010, Liana has been using her own workbook, 7 Keys to Vibrant Health, which makes it easy to understand and implement the lifestyle changes required to achieve and maintain wellness. Supplementing with AIM nutrition is one of the keys.

“I teach people that with the correct nutrition, the body can heal itself,” Liana said. “As a general rule, I recommend the Daily Essentials—BarleyLife® for greens, AIMega® for omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids, and AIM Herbal Fiberblend® for fiber and cleansing herbs. During the winter months, the AIM Garden Trio® is a must.”

Thousands of people have gone through Liana’s Natural Living program,and most arrived with health issues that ranged from the common cold, the flu, and weight management to
with AIM life-threatening problems, including high cholesterol, depression, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. By practicing the lessons learned, thousands have had incredible success, such as AIM Group Builder Gil Quintana, who was able to reverse a type 2 diabetes diagnosis and went on to become a part of Liana’s team.

“I have amazing team members with incredible testimonials,” Liana acknowledged, “including a woman who was able to heal from uterine cancer. Without chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, three tumors disappeared within six months. She healed the natural way.” Word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of advertising, and word got out about Liana and her effective methodology. Class sizes and schedules increased, and it was not long before she was holding seminars outside of Las Vegas for audiences of 100 to 1,000 in places such as Mexico and as far away as Armenia, where Liana was born and raised. She also teaches private clients from the USA, France, Holland, and Russia.

Her original intent to keep her family in good health has also come to pass. Liana and her husband, Nerses, who is a full-time pastor of the Armenian Church of Las Vegas have two daughters, Ovsanna and Loyda, and a son, Samuel. All three children take AIM products.

Liana is currently working out of a wellness center in Las Vegas and in the process of opening her own nutrition center. Her vision is to provide 100 percent natural products and services for clients and students local and abroad.

Looking back on what Liana feels is a divine connection that led her on this journey, she acknowledged, “I am grateful to Mary-Ann Shearer for restoring my health. Over the years she has been my teacher, professor, role model, and an amazing mentor.